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Personal Contact | VDM-Conseil

VDM-Conseil, Henri van den Molengraft

Henri is founder of VDM-Conseil, is French by birth and Dutch of origin. This has certainly contributed to the ability of speaking several foreign languages, especially French, Dutch, German, English and some Spanish.

Therefore, the origin of VDM lies in assisting foreigners in France, which of course is often related to property and other similar matters, such as finance and international taxation.

Thirty years of experience have led to a guaranteed and recognized expertise in this area.

The versatile and original approach also helps the investor, who wishes to avoid the pitfalls of the traditional and too promising products that are often offered.

Henri van den Molengraft relies on a solid team of dedicated, professional staff and associates with a renowned reputation.

VDM includes the following business sections:

  • The main activity of VDM-Conseil is providing advice concerning OG

  • VDM Estate is responsible for the administration of its clients

  • VDM Development focuses on leasing and project development

  • ACC (Art Concept Construction) is responsible for constructing villas

To expand the services of VDM, its subsidiary VDM Estate provides the fiscal accommodation and administration. VDM Estate provides contact with authorities, VAT recovery, tax declarations, accounting and all other matters that one might be dealing with.

VDM Development is involved in leasing and exploiting residences. This aspect is important in order to guarantee the profitability of an investment and is performed in full transparency with the owner in order to offer the most optimal return.

VDM also has an extensive experience in providing mortgages and knows how to negotiate the best possible conditions for you, due to the relationships with many banks.

And finallly our subsidiary ACC, which provides the entire construction of your dream house in France, including all the official quality guarantees and timely delivery. The group, for which we act as an agent, has built as many as 7000 villas in 2010.