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Personal Contact | VDM-Conseil

Privacy VDM-Conseil, France

It is policy of VDM-Conseil to handle your personal data with the utmost care.

Registered information

  • Name, address, date of birth, phone and fax numbers and email address(es)
  • Consent of the applicant to provide him with relevant additional information (email permission)
  • Subscriptions of last-minutes and/or newsletters
  • Request source

The following booking information of each guest is registered:

  • Person booking or buying
  • Object
  • Information date
  • Information concerning the group
  • Other information concerning reservation or sale
  • Payment terms
  • Payment details
  • Comments from the person booking, buying or lessor
  • Request source

If you are registered in the VDM database, you are entitled to receive a copy of your collected data. You can direct your request to the following email address: or in writing to VDM-Conseil, 7 rue de la Cordonnerie, 77160 Provins. If you believe that the received copy includes incorrect or incomplete data, or, given the purpose of the registration, you believe that this information doesn’t belong in VDM’s database, you can ask VDM to modify or delete your data. To perform request, you can use the aforementioned addresses. We will use the stored information to offer our services as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Your data will not be forwarded to third parties.

If you are using our site, we will automatically store certain information. This may be information from the URL you are directed to or from, the type of browser you are using and your IP address. We use this information as part of the standard use and management of our site and may release such information grouped. By grouping, it is impossible to trace data back to a specific user. We are not interested in information revealing the identity of visitors to our site. VDM is interested in information that reveals the use of our site, such as: how many visitors do we have? What are the peak hours and which pages are visited most frequently?