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Personal Contact | VDM-Conseil

VDM Conseil advises and administers

We identify your needs and we advise and guide you upon purchasing a property in France.

Our experience is that we can eliminate the threshold when wanting to buy a property abroad, especially as we clarify what you can specifically expect in terms of taxes and financial matters.

We also clarify how financial profit can be accomplished (optimisation). Consider the following possibilities:


  • How to buy the property?

  • with equity or a loan (mortgage)

  • co purchase with your kids?

  • purchase through a (foreign) company (SCI)

  • Tax system of the applicable country

  • Mandatory tax notification in the applicable country (accounting)

  • Tax exemption in the Netherlands

  • Succession taxes

  • Tailored insurances


Are you about to purchase a (second) home?

Consider the significant savings we could help you with.

Request an appointment for free advice.